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See what our members are saying...
Tasoula talks about her privately labelled product and brand she has built since joining Change and her big goals for the future. 
Josh joined Change over four years ago and is one of our many top earners. He has been able to create a life of time, location and financial freedom and is helping others in our community accomplish their goals. 
Gavin & Amy have been a part of Change for around a year and have already created their own multi-national company and brand, which is already established in 2 countries!
 Martyn Ford has been a member of Change Online for a few years and has worked with us to create multiple branded businesses.
Kat has been working closely with our B2B expert and has closed massive deals with huge companies, including a 6 figure deal with the NHS. 
Mark joined Change with the goal of doing more with his life. He came in with no experience at all. His drop shipping store was making over 5 figures a month, so he has moved into the white labelling with his winning products for more profit. 
Connor was already working in e-commerce, but since joining Change has scaled up his existing business while creating another successful brand with us. 
Stevie joined with 0 experience in the online world. He now has two online drop shipping businesses doing over five figures a month.